Step 1: Verification of Benefits

Our team will contact your insurance to verify ABA as a covered benefit. This process could take from 5-7 business days. 

Step 2: Authorization of Assessment

Our team will then contact you with information on your insurance coverage for services. If ABA is covered and you would like to proceed with the assessment, the team will need a copy of ABA services referral from the referring doctor and the diagnosis script. The team will then request an authorization for an initial assessment. 

Step 3: Initial Assessment

The behavior analyst will visit the home to conduct the initial assessment. The assessment could vary from 2 to 5 hours depending on learner across multiple days. The behavior analyst will test a variety of skills as well as observe any challenging behaviors the learner may exhibit. 

Step 4: Authorize On-Going Services                


The analyst will meet with your family to review assessment results as well as recommended therapy hours. The team will submit an authorization to request hours for service based on these results for the next 6 months. Once the authorization has been approved, services can begin. 

Step 5: After the 6 Month Period


After the 6 month period, the team will request a re-assessment. Once the re-assessment has been approved by insurance, the behavior analyst will conduct a re-assessment and submit results with requested on-going hours to the insurance company. When these services have been approved, services are continued for the next 6 months (this is usually submitted prior to the 6 months so that the learner does not go without services).